Why do we produce Recycle Lashes Trays?

Good news! Good news!

  Recently, our company invent a kind of new lashes trays which is green and environmental. You might be curious about this product, so in the next time, please look at the following detailed introduction.

I. Material

This kind of new products are made from wheat-straw,cornstalk, which is more environmental than plastic eyelashes trays. And it feels comfortable and soft, because its surface is very smooth.

II. Features

A. Recycle utilization

As long as you keep it well, you can use it forever.This point is very beneficial to save resources and avoid waste.

B. Degradable

This is very important to protect environment. A increasing number of people  pay more attention to environmental protection with the increase of environmental awareness in the human heart. We got it, because we also pay more attention to environmental protection in the process of making eyelashes trays and Mink Lashes. We make many attempts to turn out this kind of new green and environmental lash trays and we also go through many times of failure, but luckily, we make it. So, you can use our products without concern,

C. Green and harmless

D. Smells tasteless

E. Strong sense of paper

In addition, we used paper-making technology in the productive process of the new lashes trays, which is one of the four great inventions of China. And it was invented in the Western Han Dynasty.

III. Cost

It is more expensive than the generally plastic lash trays duet to its complicated manufacturing techniques and high costs, but it is more valuable to the customer in the use value.

IV. Weight

A. We weigh dozens of lashes trays together

B. Subtract the other masses

C. Average out the number

V. Hardness

Its hardness is bigger than plastic lash trays, so we can know that plastic lash trays is easy to crumble. On the contrary, this kind of new product is not easy to crumble, which can keep the eyelashes from being polluted.

VI. Working life

The quality of this product is very high, so you can use it forever as long as you keep it well.

VII. Appropriate crowd

This product is appropriate for high-end customers, because we are committed to the manufacture of high-end Mink Eyelashes.

VIII. Price 


The price can be adjusted properly according to the quantity what you purchase. So, you can save a lot if you buy it in bulk.

IX. High-end texture

We use high-end texture on the behind of our products, which can show the advanced sense of the product.

    Next, it’s of vitally important to distinguish good lash trays from bad lash trays. There are three steps.

A. Look

Good lash trays are purely white,which can reflect the material, texture of black eyelashes well and then are easy to sell eyelashes.

B. Smell

This new product smells like paper after being on fire and there is no dense smoke during the burning.

C. Touch

It feels soft and comfortable, because its surface is very smooth.

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